Work Breakdown

STRAUSS organization is based on four technical Work Packages (WPs) addressing the described objectives.

  • WP2 – Flexible Optical Infrastructure Solutions for Ethernet Transport. WP2 will investigate cost/energy-efficient solutions for transmission and data plane aspects such as the design and development of sliceable transponders, flexible nodes and the integrated interface between fixedlength, variable-capacity OPS and flexible OCS switching nodes.
  • WP3 – Network Virtualization, Control Plane and Service Orchestration. WP3 targets the requirement identification, use cases and architectural and functional design of the transport network virtualization, the OpenFlow protocol extensions and the SDN orchestrator for cross-layer (OPS and flexi-grid OCS) and cross-technology (GMPLS and OpenFlow-controlled) network infrastructures.
  • WP4 – Integration and Demonstration. WP4 focuses on the integration, experimental validation and demonstration of the systems implemented in WP2 and WP3 through both standalone EU and Japan testbeds and intercontinental EU-Japan experimental platform.
  • WP5 – Dissemination, Standardization and Exploitation of Results. WP5 will work on the project impact activities such as dissemination, standardization and exploitation of the results.

In addition to the technical activities, WP1 Coordination is the responsible to organize and implement from both EU and Japan sides decision-making, internal and external communication, administrative and technical control of the whole project, etc. It will set the basis for EU-Japan coordination of the technical activities of WP2-5 and the close interaction of partners from both sides.

A graphical presentation of the components showing their interdependencies follows.