First Project Review and Third Plenary Meeting

The first project review of STRAUSS was held in Brussels (Belgium), on July 1st 2014. The review pannel was composed of experts from both EU and Japan. The Reviewers stated that the results achieved so far are of high quality and well recognized. The overall assessment of the project is Excellent progress (the project has fully achieved its objectives and technical goals for the period and has even exceeded expectations). This amazing result recognizes the huge work done in the first year, but also at the same time, motivates us to keep or even increase the high level of activites and results for this second year. 

The third plenary meeting of STRAUSS was collocated with the first review meeting. It was held in the Telefonica premises in Brussels, on July 2-3 2014. It was a very successful event to strengthen the collaboration between European and Japanese partners. We had the opportunity to discuss and define some joint experimental activities, targeting at Optical Fiber Conference (OFC 2015) that will be held in Los Angeles, in march 2015.