D5.2 - First report on standardization, dissemination and exploitation activities

Executive Summary:

The STRAUSS project successfully achieved and significantly exceeded the WP5 objectives for dissemination, demonstration, standardization and exploitation activities since the beginning of the project. This document reports the results of the STRAUSS project for Workpackage 5 on dissemination, standardisation and exploitation activities

The online presence of the STRAUSS project is well established, with an up-to-date information on the web site (including both a public and a project-internal part). It was active and operational since the project startup and is regularly updated. The public web site contains an updated list of all STRAUSS publications, the public deliverables, a press corner with latest news (e.g., currently reports on the EuCNC 2015, OFC 2015, and Mobile World Congress 2015), a link to the Twitter tweets, the newsletters and project fact sheet. The online repository in the internal part is an efficient tool for cooperation between European and Japanese partners.

A highlight of STRAUSS achievements is the extremely successful dissemination of project results. Until the end of the second project year, the STRAUSS project promoted its results in 19 invited talks, 16 journal papers, 38 peer-reviewed conference papers, and 9 live demonstrations.

It should be pointed out that the conference publications include highly-prestigious post-deadline publications at ECOC and OFC, and a large number of top-ranked reviews, which shows that the STRAUSS project achieves most-up-to-date result with highest quality. An important aspect is also that a high share of more than 25% of the publications are joined work between the European and Japanese partners, which is evidence for the good and successful international collaboration in the project.

Two workshops and one symposium will be (co-)organized by the STRAUSS project at ECOC 2015 in Valencia, on September 29 – October 1st 2015. Additionally, one panel will be organized at EUCNC 2015 in Paris, on June 29 – July 3rd 2015.

The standardization activities are progressing well, with good representation of STRAUSS project partners in all relevant standardization bodies. In the first two project year, in total 12 contributions directly related to STRAUSS achievements and results were submitted to standardization bodies by consortium partners.

The standardisation activities will also support the further exploitation and commercial usage of the results. The high number of 5 press-releases and 10 live demonstrations and conference booths is a good indication for the ongoing exploitation activities.

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