D3.2 - Preliminary report on the building blocks for the network virtualization, OpenFlow control and SDN orchestrator

Executive Summary:

This document presents the work performed by the STRAUSS project during the second year (Y2) in Workpackage 3. After a definition of the scope of work for end-to-end Ethernet network and the detailed system specification of STRAUSS, the document contains the definition and specification of the building blocks for the network virtualization, the transport technology specific control plane and the SDN network orchestration as main sections.
Each section contains a high level description of the architecture as well as a detailed system or protocol specification to clearly show the methodology applied in the project, definitions and scope of flexible optical infrastructure solutions for end-to-end Ethernet transport in STRAUSS.

  • Transport network virtualization

The transport network virtualization includes the architecture description and protocol design for multi- and single-domain architectures. In addition, the virtualization algorithms, Multi-domain multi-technology virtual resource allocation algorithms, and network abstraction models are specified.

  • Transport technology specific control plane

For transport technology specific control planes the final control plan architecture for hybrid OPS / OCS controller, pure OPS controller, and GMPLS control plane is defined, and the formal specification for required OpenFlow extensions is given.

  • SDN Network Orchestration

After presenting the SDN Network Orchestration Architecture, the Control and Orchestration Protocol (COP) is defined and the protocol specified for Call, Topology, and Path Computation services. A validation of the YANG / RESTCONF interface in OpenDaylight is given, and the used Open source YANG tools for COP are described.

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