D5.1 - Plans for standardization, dissemination and exploitation activities

Executive Summary:

This document includes the plans of the STRAUSS partners for dissemination, standardisation and exploitation.

All partners of the project are committed to disseminate the results of the project in papers and with the participation to conferences and workshops.

A website (http://www.ict-strauss.eu) was established and is used for internal and external communication. In addition to that a biannual newsletter will be issued and a twitter account was created to use the benefits of social media.

Two workshops (one before 24 month and one at the end of the project) will be organized to give a comprehensive view over the results of the project.

The first STRAUSS publications are listed in section 2.4.

Industry partners will actively support the development of standards in the standardisation organisations IETF, ITU-T, IEEE, ONF and OIF.

The detailed exploitation plans are explained in section 4 in this document. 


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