D3.1 - Reference architecture, use cases and high level requirements for the transport network virtualization, OpenFlow control and SDN orchestrator within multi-layer (OPS and flexi-grid OCS) networks

Executive Summary:

This document contains the work done in the WP3 to define the reference architecture for the transport network virtualization, OpenFlow control and SDN orchestrator. The first work done was the definition of the use cases and requirements for the aforementioned architectural components.

Based on the state of art of the transport network virtualization, the transport technology specific control plane, SDN controllers and the interfaces, this document contains the preliminary reference architecture for the three main components of the WP3: (1) transport virtualization visor, (2) transport technology specific control plane and (3) SDN network orchestration architecture.

The transport virtualization visor architecture provides a mechanism for virtualizing transport nodes and links. Each Customer Controller is able to request a Virtual Optical Network (VON) to the Network Virtualization Controller (NVC). The NVC controls the VON setup and VON control by means of the different plugins, which connect to the Physical Controllers (PC) of different domains.

The transport technology specific control plane section presents different control plane solutions for the technologies used in STRAUSS, including an OpenFlow-enabled control plane for OPS networks, for OPS/OCS and for Flexi-grid DWDM networks and a GMPLS-enabled control plane for Flexi-grid DWDM networks. These technologies are still preliminary but some of them have been demonstrated with proofs of concept.

Finally, the SDN network orchestration architecture presents a preliminary solution for the SDN controller architecture for network orchestration of multi-technology optical networks, with heterogeneous control plane paradigms (GMPLS/OpenFlow). The SDN controller architecture follows a hierarchical approach where there is a parent controller or orchestrator and a controller for each domain. Such domains can be a combination of the data plane (OCS/OPS) and control plane (OpenFlow/GMPLS) technologies.


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